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About Us

Our Journey to Bringing Brazilian Flavor to America

Authentic food! No words define us better than this phrase. We’re blazing a trail, bringing Brazilian Barbecue to the food courts of American malls. From our land, our Brazil, to yours! In our country, our cuisine is unmistakable in flavor. Our rice, beans, and meats are distinctly Brazilian. We refuse to compromise on quality or our seasoning! Everyone who visits one of our stores falls in love with our “Brazilian way”—personal service with a smile that embodies our land, Brazil.

The smell of our Barbecue transports you to our land. Anyone who enjoys our “picanha” burger can no longer live without it. Just talking about it makes your mouth water. Welcome to Terra Nossa. Here, where our home is yours.

Our Story

It all began in 2001 when we opened our first family-owned store in Brockton, MA. Fast forward to 2005, and we expanded to our first Terra Nossa Supermarket in Abington. We started as a market and cafeteria and soon became a steakhouse. In 2020, we took our family partnership to the next level, leaving behind the supermarket business. We became a husband and wife team on a new endeavor, diving headfirst into the restaurant business.


Bringing Brazilian Barbecue to the malls of America has been our dream since 2010. But it was in September 2021 that we finally saw it come to life. Our first steakhouse in Braintree Mall was not only a first for us but for American malls. Despite the challenges of being an independent operation, we never gave up. We continued to push forward, and with hard work and determination, we gained the respect of the mall management and received glowing feedback from our customers.


Our success has opened up new opportunities, and we're excited to announce that we have an advanced project to open in New York. We aim to have five stores open by Fall 2023 and 50 units within three years. We've already received interest from people eager to join the Terra Nossa franchise. 

For those interested in learning more about franchise opportunities with Terra Nossa, click here. Join us and bring the authentic flavors of Brazil to America.


Joao Jardim

Founder & CEO

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Meet João Jardim, the mastermind behind Terra Nossa Brazilian Grill. Born in Brazil, a businessman, and a chef, João has worked his way up and achieved his place in the culinary world. He arrived in America at 17, fueled by a dream to pursue college. João quickly fell in love with the restaurant industry, honing his Italian and Brazilian cuisine skills.

João's entrepreneurial journey began in 2005 with the launch of Terra Nossa Center Market, which he ran in partnership with his brother-in-law until 2021. He and his wife Karla opened Giardino's Italian Steak in 2018 and Parrot Pop, a Brazilian popsicle factory, in 2020.

But his most significant venture came in 2021 with the creation of Terra Nossa Brazilian Grill. Offering authentic Brazilian food in American malls, Terra Nossa has quickly gained popularity with locations in Braintree Mall, Natick Mall and Providence Mall. And the success story continues with new restaurants in Cape Cod Mall, Burlington Mall, Holyoke Mall and many more set to open onward . At Terra Nossa, João and his team aim to serve delicious barbecue, pastries, sugar cane juice, açaí, coxinha, and sandwiches to customers across the United States.

João's passion for his work and love for his family drive him forward. He and his wife Karla are living the American dream, building a successful business while sharing their rich culture with the world.

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Karla Jardim

Founder & CEO

Karla Jardim was born in May 1980 to entrepreneurial parents who owned a supermarket, a diner, and later a popsicle factory. Growing up in this environment, she gained invaluable experience in customer service and business management. As Karla was about to start her studies in odontology, her family moved to the USA. She turned 18 in the week she arrived, and her plans for attending college began to fade away.

Karla's first job in the USA was at one popular Brazilian general store. She was able to utilize her language skills to provide excellent customer service and create a welcoming environment. In 2004, her parents opened a store in Stoughton, MA, and Karla joined the family business as a manager. Several years later, Karla met her husband Joao, who also owned his own stores. Together with Joao's brothers, they combined their experience to build the successful Terra Nossa Market in Abington, MA.

After mastering their market, they ventured into the restaurant industry, opening their first restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida. They gained valuable knowledge of what makes a restaurant successful and used this experience to build their next venture.

Today, Karla and Joao own three successful businesses: the Terra Nossa Brazilian Grill, Giardino’s, and the popsicle factory. Their passion for providing excellent customer service and quality food has resulted in the employment of over 88 people and a positive impact on their community.

Karla's expertise in managing the front of the house, attending to customers, and overseeing day-to-day operations, combined with Joao's culinary expertise, has been the foundation of their success. Their inspiring story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a passion for what they do.

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